The Condo Board Survival Guide Will Help You...

Discover How You Can Keep Your Owners Informed and Happy, ENSure Work Gets Completed On Time, Spend Less Time In Board Meetings, AND MORE!

Find Out How You Can:

  • Keep Your Owners Informed and Happy with ease, so inquiries, complaints and questions are reduced to a minium!
  • Ensure That Work Is Completed On Time, so your condo runs like a well oiled machine!
  • Keep Your Board Meetings short and to the point, where your agenda isn't as long as a roll of toilet paper!
  • Create A Strong and Supportive Community, so the owners trust the boards' decisions!
  • ... and more


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Thank you for putting together this excellent resource for Condo Boards.

I think it should be required reading for all Condo Board members. Though Board positions are volunteer, I am learning that they require more than the average amount of knowledge or willingness to learn than most other volunteer positions. The fact that a Board is responsible for the assets of the Condo Corp is huge and can be pretty scary! If the Property Management company is not competent, and the Board is inexperienced, all sorts of issues can arise.

Your book is a great starting point for how things should be done. I've got many pages already bookmarked for ready reference!

If you ever go into the business of Property Management, please let me know. It would be great to work with someone who has integrity, knowledge and professionalism in this area.

Verinder Maan

Board Director at Heritage Valley

From The Desk Of Rafal Dyrda
Kelowna, BC.
Saturday, June 22, 2024

Dear Fellow Board Member,

If you're tired of complaints, work not being completed on time, bad management, long board meetings, or items tabled with no end in sight, this will be the most important book you'll ever read as a board member.

Here's why...

Firstly, this isn't like any other book.

There's no fluff or filler or useless pages to make the book appear bigger - just straight to the point tips, advice, and knowledge that I have discovered since 2007 which will help you, and your condo board.

You get actionable strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to dramatically improve operations in your condominium, as well as relationships with owners and your community.

While speaking at various condo conferences, webcasts and online seminars, this information has helped hundreds, probably thousands of people by now across Canada and The United States.

This book is a work towards a goal, a mission, that I have set back in 2010, to bring transparency, accountability and respect between managers, boards, and owners in the condominium industry.

The strategies in this book will work for any type of condominium of any size and in any region.

Condominiums ranging from 16 units to over 500 units, across Canada and The United States were able to apply these strategies already.

This isn't some airy-fairy theory. These are tips and strategies that have been tested and proven over many years. 

You see, I became a board member in 2007, where we had to deal with a slew of complaints and angry owners, an agenda as long as a roll of toilet paper, ok.. maybe that long, it was only 3 pages long, and work that was tabled for months on end.

My first board meeting was 3 hours long and it was a war room.

What's even worse... Nobody at that board meeting knew what was happening at our condominium...

Finger pointing and accusations were flying across the entire boardroom table that evening...

You see, the previous board of directors didn't have the right education, training, or guidance to run a successful condominium board.

They didn't know what their responsibilities truly were or that they were accountable for any decision they made. The good, the bad, and the ones in between, which were plenty without the board even knowing.

Our owners sent in countless complaints and letters, which the board never received or saw, as the manager was trying to cover up the crappy service he provided.

Owners were complaining that work wasn't completed...

That the board wasn't performing their legal duties and that they didn't provide any answers or updates to their concerns.

It took a little while to get everything sorted out and finally after fixing our internal issues, I realized that we weren't so special.

There were a lot of boards and condominiums that where in the same situation.

In 2010 I started on a mission to improve the condo industry. A mission who's end result would produce Respect, Accountability, and Transparency between management, the board, and the owners...

A mission that took me deeper into the condo industry than I have ever planned or anticipated... 

A mission that has already helped thousands of condominium owners, boards, and manager on a daily basis across Canada and The United States.

You see, to solve these problems, my team and I have created CondoGenie (formerly GeniePad) back in 2010. 

A Condo Success System that helps you improve communication, collaboration, and access to information in your condominium, and give you the peace of mind that owners will be informed and happy, work will be completed on time, and you'll spend less time in that pesky war room...

Sorry, meant to say board meeting...

In 2017 I decided to take things a little further, and write this book,"The Condo Board Survival Guide", and keep on spreading the message and the tips, advice and knowledge I gained since 2007 to help condominiums from the West Coast to the East Coast.

And today I would like to share this book with you!

So we can finally start changing this industry for the better for every board director, owner, and manager!

I have just finished reading your Condo Board Survival Guide and found it to be a valuable read.

Our condo board is new and a few members have no experience on a condo board. I will pass the Book along to them and am sure they will find it to be a concise orientation to how boards should operate.

Your emphasis on simplicity, documentation, and operating in the condo’s best interest, are key points for any board to keep in mind.

Vernon Gee

Board Director at Strathcona County Condo Association

This is a helpful and very informative book you have written.

This is a field where most board members have little or no experience. It is most important that those who choose to serve on condo boards will read this book. Congratulations!!

I was green when I joined our board and now after 12 years have what it takes to be a good board member. This should help others gain the knowledge they need in a much shorter time.

Don Kent

Board Director at YCC 360

So Why you should read this book and what will you discover inside?

you'll Discover how to reduce complaints and keep owners happy and supportive... in seconds!

Do you know what the biggest problems in the condominium industry is?

53% of all Condominium, HOA, and Strata owners complain that they have no idea what is going on.

This is the main reason owners constantly  question, complain, and challenge the board on every occasion they can.

In this book you'll discover how you can keep everyone informed an happy so inquiries and complaints are almost non-existent!

In the end, everyone will be informed and aware of what is happening!

You'll discover a simple strategy which will help you reduce the countless phone calls and e-mails, thus reducing your and your managers workload. At the end more save time equals more saved money in the your condos pocket.

Lets be honest. Nobody wants to hear complaints all day long.

Or deal with angry owners on a regular basis.

Or have to answer the same questions over and over again.

You'll find out how you can turn your owners and community into supportive members so they start trusting the board and management, simply by improving communication.
In this book you'll discover how you can make these issues go away for ever!

And that's not all, you'll also find out... 

  • Who is truly accountable when the wrong decision is made - pg. 23
  • When is the correct time to discuss an issue during a board meeting - pg. 33
  • How to select the right management company for your condo - pg. 40
  • Paper or digital communication, which is best? - pg. 57
  • Can anyone attend board meetings? - pg. 30
  • What are the underlying causes of bad communication in condos - pg. 49
  • Is using Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram the right choice for condos? - pg. 58
  • Can the board make a decision that is in favour of an individual? - pg. 27
  • Should you really inform owners of any major repairs or maintenance at your condo - pg. 52
  • When should an owner expect a response from the board? - pg. 65
  • How to handle document requests with ease - pg. 78
  • How can you show an owner that you or your manager care about what they have to say - pg. 67
  • How to write a good notice - pg. 52
  • What is the best tool to improve communication for your condo - pg. 68
  • When should you inform owners of any changes to bylaws or policies - pg. 52
  • Should you empower your board in seeing all communication? - pg. 67
  • What the board responsibilities are not - pg. 19
  • Should you ask your owners for feedback on important expenditures and issues? - pg. 50
  • How you can make communication quick and painless - pg. 58
  • How to get support from your manager when you're trying to improve communication with the owners - pg. 68
  • What is the best option for communication with owners and your community - pg. 59
  • How to keep your owners informed - pg. 48

Would you like to make communication a non issue?

You'll Find out how you can ensure that Work Gets Completed On Time!

As much as 47% of Board Members and Owners complain that work doesn't get done on time.

This is one of the biggest problems in the condo industry. Agendas become as long as a roll of toilet paper, items are tabled with no end in sight, and your frustration just grows.

Does this sound like your board meeting?

My first meeting as a board member was three hours long. It felt like a war room.

Our Meeting Agenda was over three pages long. Items were tabled for months, and the meeting didn't seem like it had an end in sight...

In this book you'll discover a simple strategy on how you can ensure that work is completed on time, there's accountability, and your Board Meetings are quick and straight to the point!

Once our condo board started applying this strategy, on average our board meetings are 45 minutes long.

Our last meeting was 25 minutes long! I didn't even have a chance to finish drinking my coffee!

In the book you'll also discover...

  • How you can reduce the barrage of inquiries - pg. 67
  • How can you reduce complaints by simply sharing minutes with owners - pg. 73
  • Best options of managing and tracking work requests - pg. 84
  • Will technology work in your condo? - pg. 59
  • What are the responsibilities of the board - pg. 27
  • How to deal with managers that don't want their worked tracked - pg. 87
  • Who's in charge in making decisions - pg. 21
  • How to make those difficult decisions - pg. 23
  • Is your board or manager responsive enough? - pg. 65
  • How to run board meetings that work for everyone - pg. 26
  • How you can create an effective work tracking process and system - pg. 85
  • How much time should the board have to review an agenda before the upcoming meeting? - pg. 29
  • What information should you ask in your RFP when looking for a new management company - pg. 42
  • Find out the real purpose of board meeting minutes - pg. 31
  • Should the board be aware of the concerns and inquiries that are being sent to the manager? - pg. 67
  • Find out how you can increase the boards and managers effectiveness by tracking tasks and work requests - pg. 89
  • How to ensure a meetings run on time - pg. 32
  • What are the guidelines when debating a motion - pg. 33
  • How can the board benefit by tracking tasks and work requests - pg. 86
  • What needs to happen between board meetings - pg. 34

Would you like to ensure work is completed on time?


33% of all Condominium, HOA, and Strata owners complain that they have no access to important information such as Meeting Minutes, Bylaws, Policies or Regulations.

At times, management companies charge extravagant fees for these documents.

I've seen Board Meeting minutes being sold for $50.00 per copy! Mostly because nobody wants to be bothered with these on a daily basis... Would you?

You'll discover how you can provide private and secure access to various documents and important information with ease and simplicity.

This way, the owners or tenants, won't be able to say that they don't know what the rules or policies are.

You'll also find out how this will reduce hours of additional work. If this is something you pay a manager to do for you, well now your condo will be able to keep a few extra bucks in their pocket!

And the best part of it all.. It'll take you literally seconds to make this happen!

You'll also find answers to questions such as:

  • Is using communication templates a good idea? - pg. 56
  • How to ensure that every owner is able to open all documents you produce - pg. 78
  • Simple steps on becoming a productive board member in seconds - pg. 20
  • Should you provide on demand access to information? - pg. 57
  • Which documents you should share with the owners - pg. 74
  • Who owns the condo corporations documents? - pg. 74
  • How to open the communication channel in your condo - pg. 55
  • The information you should communicate to not only owners but also residents - pg. 51
  • Duties of the board - pg. 99
  • Do you know how to properly record board meeting minutes? - pg. 31
  • What is the best way for boards to store documents securely - pg. 76
  • Simplicity or complexity when communicating? - pg. 60
  • When should you or your manager provide an agenda of a meeting to the board? - pg. 29
  • How can the board benefit by tracking tasks and work requests - pg. 86
  • Why should the board provide easy access to documents and important information - pg. 72
  • Should board meeting minutes be shared with owners? - pg. 31

Do you want to find out how you can provide access to documents and information without lifting a finger?

... and you'll discover much much more in "The condo board survival guide"!

Rafal, I'm Impressed. I read your book just prior to our monthly board meeting.

As a relatively new member, and just appointed chairman, I struggle with what I feel is micro management of the "Site Administrator"
(Property manager)

I have asked the entire board to take turns at reading your guide. I will be putting in motion a review of our board and its responsibilities and function, following each members review, of your publication.

Wayne Buss

Board Director at Norwood Grande

Think you desire a big round of applause for your first book.

You captured a really good view of the process and offered really good ideas of other processes that could be used.

Two were still not really sure of themselves even being on the board for a year and the new one is struggling. Think I’ve convinced the two to stay on as they were both thinking of resigning.

I’m going to give this to three other board members to help them along.

Blair Campbell

Board Director

About the author

Rafal Dyrda Author

Rafal Dyrda has been a board director since 2007 and founded CondoGenie (formerly GeniePad) in 2010, a Condominium Success System which helps condominiums across Canada and The United States improve communication, access to information, and collaboration within their association. After working with hundreds of condo boards, in 2017 he published The Condo Board Survival Guide book where he shares tips, advice and strategies on how to solve the biggest problems in condominiums. He is the host of The Condo Web Show, where he interviews condominium industry experts where they share their tips, advice, and knowledge with condominium owners and board directors.

He has been serving as a Condominium Director since 2007. He has been invited to the Board of Directors at The Canadian Condominium Institute. He served as the Chairperson of the CCI National Communications Committee and currently is the Chairperson of the National CCI Digital Infrastructure Committee.

He is involved in the condo industry and his goal is to change the industry for the better. An industry where there is trust, accountability, and respect between vendors, condo owners, condo boards, and management companies.




I 100% guarantee that if you apply the tips and strategies mentioned in this book, you'll improve your condo operations, reduce complaints, keep everyone accountable so work gets done, and shorten your board meetings!

And the best part of this... You don't even have to pay a penny.

Zero Risk For You! Sound fair?

Why am i giving this book away for free?

I gained a lot of skills and knowledge since becoming a Board Director in 2007.

By diving deeper into this industry than I ever thought I would, I was able to build a new business and help thousands of people across Canada and The United States improve communication, collaboration, and access to information in their condominiums.

I am grateful for meeting fantastic and dedicated board members and professionals that are trying to improve this industry and helped me along my journey.

Being heavily involved in this industry since 2010 I have seen a lot of shady things, sub par quality of work, lies, and theft.

I am getting tired of seeing this over and over again and want to put a stop to it.

And because I’m sick of all these "boards" and "management companies" making condominium living a nightmare.

We as an industry need to put a stop to this.

As a thank you for all these opportunities, I want share this information and my message with as many Condo Boards as possible.

This book is also a means of putting my best foot forward and demonstrating I can help you by actually helping you.

To send the elevator back down. Look, success doesn't come easy, and no one manages to make their dreams a reality without a combination of hard work and others opening and holding the door for them from time to time. This is my way of ‘sending the elevator back down’.

As this book is the exact roadmap I wish I had when I became a board director.

My goals is that you'll truly benefit from this book and this will be the start of a good business relationship for years to come.

Yet with all that said...

We are  giving out a limited number of FREE DIGITAL copies of this book. Once the limit is reached... well, they're gone!

If this page is still here, then the offer is live.

But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.

So don't wait, hesitate, think about it, because honestly there's nothing really to think about...

So grab your copy today!

Looking forward to chatting with you in the future.


Rafal Dyrda
Best Selling Author, CEO & Founder, Show Host, Condo Guy

P.S. I hope that when you're done reading "The Condo Board Survival Guide" you'll send me an honest review, feedback, or testimonial. There's nothing more rewarding than hearing from readers :)

P.S.S. What would be even better, is to see a photo of you with a copy of "The Condo Board Survival Guide"  in your hand! For this I will be forever grateful!!!

hurry this FREE offer won't last long!

Grab your FREE COPY of "The Condo Board Survival Guide" while quantities last!

Like I mentioned before, the digital version of this book is free.

With the holidays I could not complete reading your book.

What I can say however is that I am extremely impressed with what I have read so far.

So much so that we are considering gifting copies of your books to new Condo Boards that we take on as an educational tool!

Abe Butt

Condo Manager at Blueprint Management

I found it very useful I am now able to use my power as president for the good of the whole community.

Example painters came in did a terrible job. Used my new knowledge to have the work completed correctly!

We now have very short meetings that are productive.

Here is the funny for you, all meetings are held in three languages. Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.

I shared your book with the condo assoc.

Docia Lysne

Board Director at 5Harvest