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Condogenie will help you

run a successful condo with ease!

CondoGenie is the proven way for Condo Boards, Owners, and Managers to increase Accountability, Transparency, and Collaboration, and create properties where people want to move, live, and stay…GUARANTEED.

would you like to see how?

CondoGenie isn't just a simple condo website or another condo management software.

It's your Condo Success System

What Would You Like Help With?

I would like to reduce requests, complaints and improve communication by informing residents of important news, events, or announcements in seconds.

I would like to provide quick, easy, and on demand access to documents such as minutes, bylaws, and policies. Without taking up board's or manager's time.

I would like to track all incoming communication and service requests so nothing slips through the cracks and we know what is happening at our condo.

I would like to ensure that all assigned work and tasks are completed on time, there's accountability and transparency.

I would like owners or residents to view and book amenities on their own without taking up the board's and manager's time.

I would like our condominium to have a website, so we have public web presence and can share information about our community.

and much much more...

1000's of Board Members and Managers Use CondoGenie Across Canada and The United States

Regardless if you are located on the West Coast or the East Coast, CondoGenie (formerly GeniePad) has been serving Condominiums, Stratas, Co-Ops, and HOA's of various type and size across Canada and The United States since 2010. 

High rises, low rises, townhouses, regardless of the developments... We all have the same problems.

Since the beginning CondoGenie's mission is to improve communication, collaboration, and access to information in the industry. 

To bring accountability, transparency, and respect between owners, boards, managers and vendors.

To achieve this mission CondoGenie provides a condo website and condo management software, as well as a Condo Success System where you don't only get the website and software, but also help, resources, and workshops that will help you run a successful condominium for years to come.

Free Condo Resources

Genie's Condo Bulletin

Visit Genie's Condo Bulletin where we share articles, videos, podcasts and other resources which will help you along the condo journey as a board member or manager. 

Condo Web Show

Subscribe to The Condo Web Show where industry experts share their tips, advice, and knowledge on various topics to help you run a more successful condo.

Condo Board Inner Circle

Join the FREE and PRIVATE Condo Board Inner Circle
Facebook group, where board members share resources, provide suggestions and help each other.

What Our Members Say About CondoGenie 

(formerly GeniePad)

Owners like simplicity and effectiveness of CondoGenie. We already have a lot of problems easy resolved. Excellent work!
Thank you very much

Jerry Warchol

board member

Implementing CondoGenie was one of the best decisions we’ve made to date. It has facilitated an unprecedented level of communication between Board members and residents.

Kent McKay

Board member

Since CondoGenie was implemented we have a history, a resource and a way for our community to communicate with each other. As a board member and as a board we are better equipped to deal with issues arising and are quicker at responding and resolving issues.

Jayne Sandilands

board member

Before managers had to make a road trip to post notices, and now it can be done via CondoGenie.

This means everyone has access to the right information in a quick manner and therefore that represents a lot to me as a property manager.

Jaime Salamanca

property manager