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Public Website

In addition to a condominium communication portal, with every CondoGenie account you automatically receive a great looking website!

I was living in Ontario when I bought my condo at the "Cosmopolitan" in Alberta. When I started asking questions about the condo (which meant long distance phone calls), I was told about the "CondoGenie". It soon became my new best friend as all the questions I had, I no longer had to wait for someone to return my calls, the answers were on the CondoGenie web site. Personally I think it is a smart and useful tool for a condo association to communicate with the tenants – all condos should have it!

Lorie Starrett - Owner

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Create an online presence

In today's day an age everyone has a website! But is it an effective website? Most websites are static, meaning that visitors have to visit the website in order to see if there is any new content or information. CondoGenie goes a step further and informs all your owners, residents, board or council members, and property managers.

Easy website administration

Can you write an e-mail? How about create a document with text? If you can then you are ready to set up your website and communication portal with CondoGenie. We make the process simple and straighforward. You will be able to add content and create as many web pages as you need, without having to hire a web designer.

A selection of website themes

We provide you with a list of website themes you can pick from. You can switch your website's look and feel at any time with a click of a button. We keep on adding new themes/designs to CondoGenie on a regular basis. Once again, no web designer required.

The CondoGenie website has been very helpful for us in accessing information about the condominium (i.e. bylaws, board members, documentation, meeting schedules etc). I find the site well organized and easy to use and access. I really like the updates I get forwarded to my email account when a change has happened or new information has been added on the website. Keep up the good work!

Scott Tingley - Owner

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