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Condo Documents

Provide quick and convenient access to important documents and information. 

CondoGenie has really improved communication in the building. It is great for keeping you up to date on information from condo board meetings that you may have missed, accessing documents, frequently asked questions, events and providing helpful timely responses. It is very informative and easy to use, I prefer it to the paper distribution that we used prior to CondoGenie.

Lori Elliot - Owner

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On demand access

Store all your documents in a central location. The board, council, residents, or property manager can access and view these documents on their time. You will no longer have to scan, photocopy, print, or deliver documents. Every time a document is added to your CondoGenie portal all users will be notified immediately!

Only approved users have access

With CondoGenie only the residents & users you give access will be able to access your documents. You won't have to worry about posting your documents on a public website where any visitor will be able to view confidential information. Would you like to add documents that are only visible to board or council members, property managers, or just the owners? You can do that too.

Never lose a document again!

Have you ever lost a document? Has the board or council changed? How about the management company? How painful was it to find and gather all necessary documents? Where they filed in cabinet or are they on a computer somewhere? When you add a document to your portal it is there for ever. Until you delete it. We also make sure you don't lose it by backing up your information daily.

The board, council, or property manager can add documents

With CondoGenie responsibilities can be shared. An administrator such as a board / council member, property manager, or secretary can add documents.

Personally I think it is a smart and useful tool for a condo association to communicate with the tenants. All of our minutes are stored on there, so you have no excuse to not be informed.

Lorie Starrett - Owner

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