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Contact & Resident Messages

Communication with owners and residents in a Condo, Strata, HOA, or Co-Op is crucial. Use a tool that will help you make this task quick and simple.

CondoGenie has facilitated an unprecedented level of communication between Board members and residents.

Kent McKay - Owner, Board Member

How can we help you?

Track all messages in one central location

Are you trying your best to track and organize all received messages from e-mail, voicemail, and phyiscal letters? With CondoGenie your residents will be able to send a message, you will be able to track it, see their contact information, and any comments all from one screen.

All comments and replies on one screen 

How many times have you tried to compile all the e-mails and conversations on the same topic into one? How many times have you missed someones comment in an e-mail? With CondoGenie you are able to have a historical conversation with the residents, the board or council members, and a property manager. Residents will only see the messages and comments they have submitted as well as replies to them. Board or council members and property managers will see all messages and comments in a conversation.

Track the status of your messages

Wouldn't it be great if you could track the status of each message? Has an issue been resolved, is it still open, or is in task? CondoGenie makes it simple to inform the property manager, the board or council on the status of each message or issue. Would you like to print off a report for the next meeting on what needs to be completed? Well you can do taht too!

Create tasks from messages

Has someone submitted a message and there's additional work that needs to be done? Simply create a task based on the message, give it a due date, and assign it to the proper individual. You'll never have to worry about tracking tasks again. CondoGenie will keep track of them for you!

Create a messages report

Would you like to keep a paper copy of all your submitted messages and their comments? Perhaps copy them into a document and include them in your minutes? It only takes a few clicks to do so!

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