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Condo Newsletters & Announcements

Communicate important news and events to all residents at once! Let CondoGenie utilize e-mail, sms/text messages, or phone calls to your advantage! Long gone can be the days of delivering paper notices, creating and printing monthly newsletter, and unhappy owners and residents.

CondoGenie has been a great form of communication to use within our building and condo board. I like the approach of going "paperless" and omitting flyers to communicate with. This also helps keep a clean looking entry and lobby within the building. Waterside Estates has a large number of young professionals living in it and using a program like CondoGenie has been the perfect form of technology for us to keep one another connected.

Bridgette Jarosch - Condominium Owner

How can we help you?

Inform everyone instantly

Your time is limited. Wouldn't it be much easier to post one news announcement, notify every resident immediately, and reduce all the extra calls, e-mails, and inquiries? All you need to do is post a news announcement and CondoGenie will notify all your residents and owners via e-mail, as well as save the news announcement on your secure portal.

Condominium News Announcement

SMS/Text Message or Call all your residents at once

Remember your last emergency? Perhaps a water leak? The elevator out of service? Power outage? Parking garage door not working? How many inquiries and complaints did you receive? Wouldn't it be great if you send an SMS/Text message or call every resident automatically? 

Keep your notices private

Wouldn't it be great if only your owners and residents saw your property notices? That's not really possible if you post them in the common area of your property. Any visitor will be able to see what is happening at the property, even potential buyers! Just imagine what a buyer will feel when they see a notice about a water problem! CondoGenie delivers your notices only to approved owners and residents.

Save time & money

Lets be honest. You don't have the time to notify everyone of the little things every time. The little notices usually slide by. Each notice costs you time and money. You have to draft it, print it, and deliver. But, if you have a tool with which you can inform everyone within a minute, then you'll save time, money, and keep your owners and residents informed more often! You may think that something is a small issue, but your owners want to know everything that is happening with their investment.

The board, council, or property manager can post an announcement

In most cases only the property manager notifies owners and residents of various issues. But what if the board, council, and property manager could all work together and help each other out? Each administrator in CondoGenie, let it be a board or council member, or property manager can post an announcement and notify everyone!

CondoGenie filled in the gap of the fundamental need for communication between the property management company, the condo board, and the owners. It is a crucial tool that helps me to access the most updated information regarding my property.

Yun Hui (Winnie) Chung -Owner

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